Sunday, 20 March 2016

Maastricht and Rotterdam: everyone loves a 'Kiss & Ride'

This is a bit of a catch-up post, written months after the actual trip in March but dated March so you would never know if I hadn't told you. (I offer a thousand grovelling apologies for my bad blogging). But I felt Rotterdam needed a mention because it's such a great little weekend break. The one thing I inexplicably took no photos of was the pancake boat - a boat tour along the river during which you can eat as many pancakes as humanly possible. I managed a disappointing three, but they were pretty big so that's more like six, if you ask me.

I also spent a day wandering around Maastricht before we headed to Rotterdam. Last time I was in Maastricht, it was on the 'Euro Man Voyage' in 2011, staying on the Botel (boat hotel). 

Only one reason I took this photo. A bit of cheap, smutty humour. 

Some of the sights around Maastricht

Skeleton of massive dinosaur fish thing local to the region, back when they were roaming the earth. In Maastricht's very impressive Natural History Museum. Managed to blag a discount with my very old and tired looking student card. 
I might have been a couple of delicious Dutch beers into the evening when this photo was taken.

Markthall in the centre of Rotterdam. Impressive from the outside...

... but even more impressive from the inside, with it's huge ceiling covered in food. Lots of stands selling all sorts of culinary delights.

We were probably more entertained than we should have been - a coat rack that you operate with a pulley system in the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen (an art museum)