Saturday, 28 April 2007

The Skydive!!!

Mere moments before take-off

One view from the plane

And another

We're going sailing around these islands tomorrow

And by now you're probably need to calm down and remember not to be too envious

Yesterday Nick and Myself jumped out of a plane. It was amazing. One of my life's ambitions realised. I don't know why it was one of my ambitions to do something like this, but maybe under this calm exterior pumps the blood of an adrenaline junkie. That's what I'm starting to think anyway.

As with the Fraser Island blog I haven't got much time to type as I'm in an expensive internet place again. Damn. Again, when I get the chance I will fill you in on some more details like how fast we were free falling and for how long. I could quite easily give you those details now but I choose to withhold them and build the suspense.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Fraser Island

The beast we drove around in. Soooo much fun.

The picture probably doesn't do justice to how white the sand was here, Lake Mackenzie I think

Eli Creek

The Maheno Wreck, a ship that ran aground many years ago on a cold, dark night. ARRR.

The Maheno Wreck up close

Jazz hands!

TEAM B HUDDLE! This was our group for roaming around Fraser Island

Another tropical paradise...yawn...

I've just noticed that I didn't get a single bloody picture of any of the wildlife we saw, I guess I must have been too busy pointing at it and saying "look, a Dingo/shark/massive poisonous spider/other deadly animal". I'm probably lucky to be alive really, and that's not even including the drinking games we played...

What can I say about Fraser Island? It's hard to describe without seeing it for yourself so I'll just say it was spectacular. Also I don't have time to write much at the moment so I'll leave you with all the pretty pictures. I'll try and add a video to it at some point too you lucky lucky people.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007


Canberra. Yep, that's about all there is to see

A double rainbow (second one is a bit blurry)

A card from a museum in Nimbin. Nimbin had a lot of hippies. Leppard would have loved it.

Byron Bay Sunset

I couldn't decide which kind of wallaby I am. I was there for hours thinking that one over

Take your time now and just tell us, where did the clown touch you?

After a fun day out at Dreamworld

Get it? The most easterly point...

More Byron Bay

Scientists reconstruction of how Nick would look as a small dinosaur

I've finally seen some Kangaroos. I was half hoping not to see any before leaving Australia so I could carry on believing they don't exist

You can't beat the comedy value of a rock that looks like an arse.

So we're back on the road again now, having said goodbye to Melbourne in suitable style. Essentially, this just means we went out in St Kilda, got drunk and ended up walking by the 24 hour pie shop for some 24 hour pie in the early hours. Whoever decided that St Kilda needed 24 hour pie was a genius.

On Wednesday 10th, we left Melbourne to head East and up the coast. As I mentioned in the last blog, we headed through Canberra in order to see the nation's capital. Didn't take much seeing to be honest, one night was plenty there, after seeing all of Canberra's sights in a few hours we went to see '300' which was spectacular. I met an Israeli guy a couple of days ago who loved the film so much he would occasionally shout out random quotes such as "FOR SPARTA!"

Above you'll see a slightly blurred picture of a double rainbow. This happened on the way out of Canberra to Sydney. Not only that but we drove through the end of a rainbow. Seeing as I had always thought this impossible, thinking that rainbows are always a fixed distance away, driving through the end of a rainbow was pretty damn impressive. Unfortunately no pot of gold though, some cheeky leprechaun must have got there before we did

We stayed in Sydney and met up with Sydney-based friends for a few days. Two of these days we stayed in a hostel where the receptionist was so friendly and helpful we automatically decided he had to a born again christian. We think he would have adopted us if he'd had the chance. One highlight of our trip to Sydney was watching Amy chase Nick round a burger place called O Porto at about 2am with some mashed potato, trying to force him to eat it. That is the difference between not liking a food and fearing it.

We left for Brisbane on Monday 9th, to stay with Ron and Lyn, friends of the family. During the couple of days we spent there, we had a good look around Brisbane and went to a Koala sanctuary. During our look round Brisbane, we went to an art gallery. In this art gallery was an exhibit by a guy called Tim Woodward. He had just bought stuff off ebay, printed out screenshots and ebay receipts and then made an arrangement of the various crap within a space in the gallery. At first this seemed like the biggest load of crap ever until you realise that you have to give the guy some credit for convincing enough people that this was actually a work of merit. He must be a master blagger, having realised 2 weeks from his deadline that he had done absolutely nothing and needed to come up with something fast. Tim Woodward, we salute you.

After Brisbane, we headed to the Gold Coast for 4 days of running around theme parks. After the first day at Wet n Wild, we got a surprise in the form of Rhiannon appearing as if by magic. But it was all a cunning plan by her and Amy after we had said what we thought was goodbye in Sydney. Obviously unable to cope with not seeing me and Nick again for such a long time, after they left us at the airport they hatched a devious plan to have Rhiannon turn up out of the blue on Friday. It worked, me and Nick were just confused at first. Then the realisation set in that we would have to spend another weekend in her company and our hearts sank...

The weekend of roller coasters and water-flumes was good all-American family fun and we were early-to-bed, early-to-rise each day. How wholesome. Movieworld was probably the best of the parks, especially the Scooby Spooky Coaster which none of us expected to turn into a laser-lit rave halfway through. I could try and explain but it's one of those 'needed to be there' kind of things.

I write this from Byron Bay where I have gone to spend a few days exploring and surfing (or trying to). It's a really scenic little town. In fact I'm going to go surfing after I finish writing this. As long as I can find somewhere where there aren't too many other people about because I haven't learned how to steer yet so I need a good clear runway.

Also, I spoke to Mr Waterman yesterday and he is booking a ticket to get to Singapore on the 15th May, the day after we'll arrive there! He will join us on the Asian leg of our trip, and he will hunt food for us and whittle canoes out of twigs and leaves. His beardyness will give Nick something to aim for. I have attempted to grow some rampant facial hair but it just ends up being crap and itchy and I shave it off.

That is all for now.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

A short story what I wrote

Below is a link to a short story that I wrote recently, seeing as I some spare time on my hands. Let me know what you think. Unless you don't like it, then you're not my friend anymore.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

The rock God that is Dr K

The Australian version of 'Toys R Us'. Who says they're a bit racist?

This is my response to my dad's concern that some of the photos have been a bit gay

Just before St Kilda spanked Melbourne at Aussie Rules footie, come on St Kilda!

Spot The Ball

Alan Fletcher aka Karl Kennedy. Or Fletch as we like to call him when we're conversing by email

He's a bit podgier than he looks on Neighbours. Sorry to shatter the dream

Karl Kennedy (and the rest of a band that no-one really cared about. They must know this; if their lead singer wasn't Karl Kennedy they'd be playing to an empty room)

Hello all. As you will see from the video and photos we could hold back no longer on going to see Karl Kennedy's band Waiting Room. It was a defining moment in any Neighbours fan's life. Ok, so I don't watch Neighbours anymore but I used to and so to see Dr K belting out Foo Fighters Best of You followed by The Fratellis Chelsea Dagger is a pretty unique experience. If Beasty had been there I don't think she would have been able to contain herself when the band finished with a Queen medley. Just look at the way he does the classic rock pose of pointing to the crowd in the video. He was on form. We were much more excited about the whole thing than was reasonable.

On Friday night we went to our first AFL game to watch Melbourne vs St Kilda. I'd been watching a little bit of Aussie Rules on TV just so I knew what was going on. It's more or less part football, part rugby and part Gaelic football. If that makes it any clearer for you. Anyway, it was 92-63 to us in the end. Us being St Kilda of course, I've been living here for about 2 months now, they're my local team. Because we were there with Rhiannon's family, Me and Nick were forbidden to begin any traditional English football chants like "You're sh*t and you know you are." What's wrong with that?

Two months is plenty of time to be stopped in one place and so we are moving on this thursday. On the way to Sydney we will drive through Canberra. It is technically Australia's capital but this is only because nobody could decide whether it should be Sydney or Melbourne about 100 years ago. So they built an administrative centre about halfway between the two. Basically it is a city that houses the government. And, funnily enough, most of Australia's porn industry because there are legal loopholes and tax breaks that make it easier to make porn there. I guess the MP's got a bit bored and decided they needed something to liven things up between parliament sessions.