Thursday, 26 April 2007

Fraser Island

The beast we drove around in. Soooo much fun.

The picture probably doesn't do justice to how white the sand was here, Lake Mackenzie I think

Eli Creek

The Maheno Wreck, a ship that ran aground many years ago on a cold, dark night. ARRR.

The Maheno Wreck up close

Jazz hands!

TEAM B HUDDLE! This was our group for roaming around Fraser Island

Another tropical paradise...yawn...

I've just noticed that I didn't get a single bloody picture of any of the wildlife we saw, I guess I must have been too busy pointing at it and saying "look, a Dingo/shark/massive poisonous spider/other deadly animal". I'm probably lucky to be alive really, and that's not even including the drinking games we played...

What can I say about Fraser Island? It's hard to describe without seeing it for yourself so I'll just say it was spectacular. Also I don't have time to write much at the moment so I'll leave you with all the pretty pictures. I'll try and add a video to it at some point too you lucky lucky people.

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