Tuesday, 3 April 2007

The rock God that is Dr K

The Australian version of 'Toys R Us'. Who says they're a bit racist?

This is my response to my dad's concern that some of the photos have been a bit gay

Just before St Kilda spanked Melbourne at Aussie Rules footie, come on St Kilda!

Spot The Ball

Alan Fletcher aka Karl Kennedy. Or Fletch as we like to call him when we're conversing by email

He's a bit podgier than he looks on Neighbours. Sorry to shatter the dream

Karl Kennedy (and the rest of a band that no-one really cared about. They must know this; if their lead singer wasn't Karl Kennedy they'd be playing to an empty room)

Hello all. As you will see from the video and photos we could hold back no longer on going to see Karl Kennedy's band Waiting Room. It was a defining moment in any Neighbours fan's life. Ok, so I don't watch Neighbours anymore but I used to and so to see Dr K belting out Foo Fighters Best of You followed by The Fratellis Chelsea Dagger is a pretty unique experience. If Beasty had been there I don't think she would have been able to contain herself when the band finished with a Queen medley. Just look at the way he does the classic rock pose of pointing to the crowd in the video. He was on form. We were much more excited about the whole thing than was reasonable.

On Friday night we went to our first AFL game to watch Melbourne vs St Kilda. I'd been watching a little bit of Aussie Rules on TV just so I knew what was going on. It's more or less part football, part rugby and part Gaelic football. If that makes it any clearer for you. Anyway, it was 92-63 to us in the end. Us being St Kilda of course, I've been living here for about 2 months now, they're my local team. Because we were there with Rhiannon's family, Me and Nick were forbidden to begin any traditional English football chants like "You're sh*t and you know you are." What's wrong with that?

Two months is plenty of time to be stopped in one place and so we are moving on this thursday. On the way to Sydney we will drive through Canberra. It is technically Australia's capital but this is only because nobody could decide whether it should be Sydney or Melbourne about 100 years ago. So they built an administrative centre about halfway between the two. Basically it is a city that houses the government. And, funnily enough, most of Australia's porn industry because there are legal loopholes and tax breaks that make it easier to make porn there. I guess the MP's got a bit bored and decided they needed something to liven things up between parliament sessions.

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