Friday, 23 March 2007

Damn computers...

Eagles of Death Metal: Sound neither like The Eagles or Death Metal but just put on a damn fine show

My contribution to the an installation in the NGV. Mine's the little square thing with windows in the middle

The explanation behind an art gallery encouraging people like myself to play with lego

A cheeky video of the EoDM as they were so good

Having battled my way through some unique weather to get to this internet cafe, I'd better put on a new blog. Although I have been working quite a bit so it'll be short and sweet. When I say working a lot, it's not like I've been working every day, but just concentrated bursts, such as last weekend when I did over 12 hour shifts on both Saturday and Sunday. By the end of Sunday I think I had lost the plot a little.

The Friday night before that I went to see the Eagles of Death Metal, who put on one of the best gigs I've ever been to, I would say. So good that I sweat right through the t-shirt I was wearing from all the jumping about. This was then discovered by the people who I went to meet in a bar after the gig when they went to hug me/pat on the back, only to recoil in mild horror at the dampness. Hahaha.

Yesterday, with some time to kill before work, I went to the NGV, Melbourne's art gallery, as last time I was there I didn't really look all the way round. And how glad am I that I did go? Very, because they had an installation by a Danish guy, that basically consisted of about 60'000 pieces of white lego. The idea being that the public create a city skyline out of the lego. I would say I spent about a good hour making my masterpiece of architecture. It was funny listening to some of the people around me discussing the relevance of the installation, trying to imbue it with some kind of metaphorical meaning when my train of thought went something like this: "Ooooo, lego, I haven't played with lego for years!... YAY!"

According to my brother Jason, my dad has noticed that in a good many of the photos on the blog, there is something fairly gay happening. Looking back at some of them, this may be true. However, I feel it is balanced out by such photos as me assembling a chest of drawers, doing some manly DIY. (Although if you look closely enough, the hammer I was using was pink. Damn, so close....)

Finally, I have been told on more than one occasion that I sound like Hugh Grant. Luckily this was not by English people and so they probably do not recognise the difference in accent between me and the one-role wonder that is he.

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