Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Up to my kerb crawling ways again...

"Oh yes it's ladies night, And the feeling's right, Oh yes it's ladies night, Oh what a night"

Just in case the first picture didn't scare you enough. Notice the red symbol on Nick and Phil's hands. It is the sacred mark of the lady-man which we were all given.

The view at sunset from where I work. Not bad.

Today I have a day off from work. Having not worked a full 5 days in a row for quite a while, (approx 4 months) I feel I have fully earned this next couple of days off. On Saturday I worked this longest shift I've ever worked - 13.25 hours. Who says I'm a work-shy fop? So now, with some money coming in, I am back on track for doing all kinds of stuff up the East coast such as skydiving, scuba, a bit more surfing, seeing some of the islands etc. I would have done all that anyway, but my credit card would have taken the kind of beating usually saved for a ginger step-child along the way.

There aren't many photos this blog because my camera battery has just died but you got the most important ones there, the ladies night. On Monday, having just got back from work of an evening, I went to go sit down in the patio bit of the hostel only to be told by about 10 badly dressed she-males that I had to go get some womens clothes first. Just by our hostel there is a charity shop (called op-shops) that had a large pile of lady-like garments of
varying shapes, sizes and colourful arrangements. Bear in mind I had just been at work and so was going to collect womens clothes from a street pavement, then wear them whilst sober. At least the others had the advantage of being drunk through all this. In the end it was agreed that we all looked pretty damn good, apart from Ellis, second from the left on the back row who looked like a really scary tranny, as opposed to a bunch of guys in drag.

On Wednesday night I was on my way home at some obscure hour of the morning when a car pulls up beside me. The following conversation ensues:

"Hello, are you from around here" Yes, I am, sort of. (Thinking that they just want directions) "How long have you been living here for?" Oh, about a month and a half I guess. "Can we see some I.D please?" What? Why do you want to see my I.D? "Could we just see it please?" No, why would I give you my I.D, who are you? "Sir, you are walking through a prostitute-prone area late at night, now could we see some I.D?" You think I'm kerb-crawling?!? Hahahaha, I can't wait to tell my parents back home I've been stopped for kerb crawling!

At this point it was apparent to them that I was no longer taking them seriously and they quickly jotted down some details off my driving license and moved on. Hopefully I've been entered into some Aussie database of potential guys likely to procure a lady-of-the-night. So, in short, the police obviously thought I had the look of such man. But to be honest, it is impossible to walk back to my hostel without walking through a prostitute prone area, they're all over the place. Such is the glamorous lifestyle we backpackers lead.

Anyway, while spring begins to kick in back home, it's moving onto Autumn here, meaning we may get a few days in the 20's rather than constantly in the 30's. Boo hoo. But nevertheless, in about a month we are going to chase the sun North up the east coast. A month or so on the east and then we'll be making the jump into south east Asia and from there who knows? There is a half formed idea of trying to make it back home overland but not knowing where I might be a couple of weeks from now makes it more or less pointless trying to plan months ahead. And why would I want to when I can just run around in womens clothes instead?

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