Monday, 5 March 2007

Pretty much the most Australian comic book ever

Enfield the horse was my friend for a night.

Laneway Festival from a jaunty angle

I know I've made a Napoleon Dynamite reference in another blog but how much does this guy look like him? We weren't the only ones who spotted him

A slide show of some different graffiti around Melbourne CBD (I went on a hunt the other day)

This is a video of Nick drinking Baileys out of a shoe. It won't make sense to anyone who hasn't seen the Mighty Boosh. And even then you may ask 'why'? You would be right to ask that question. Nick seemed to enjoy it a lot more than when I did it, it made me gag just a little...

Without wishing to jinx myself, it would seem that I am now gainfully employed. I understand I may have confused a lot of you back home with my job hunting scenario. So I thought I'd give you a quick rundown of the jobs I've done (or not) so far. This one's my sixth, equalling in a month all the jobs i've ever had back home.

Job 1: Packing envelopes in a warehouse. Quit after 20 minutes because the other choice was suicide.

(Job 1.5: Went for an interview for a green energy company but couldn't bring myself to go to the training the next day as it was door to door. Even if it was for a good cause, at the end of the day it was still for a marketing company and they are the devil's bitches.)

Job 2: The Espy. Working at a big music venue in St Kilda, behind the bar. Manager was an arse and apparently I would never have got full-time work from them so I left after one shift.

Job 3: A club called Rebar. Re-opened after being closed for a year on a busy festival day, managers had intentions of re-opening for good. Managers are utter tools (and a touch dodgy) and will be bankrupt very soon.

Job 4: Bar Roy, a restaurant. Did a trial, gave me the uniform but never gave me any hours. Karma struck though, the girl who was meant to give me hours had her house broken into. Maybe slightly uneven karma but still...

Job 5: Rococo, Italian restaurant. Gave my job to someone local who they thought would be around longer. This kind of made me mad and I was on the verge of abandoning Melbourne completely

Job 6 (current job): The Great Provider, a restaurant in a marina. Rang me to offer me a job while I was in the toilet. I have actual shifts on a rota! The pay is better than any of the other jobs and I can see the sunset over the bay between the boat sheds.

So, hope that makes clear the fun I've had looking for work the last month. Much better than that was the Laneway festival we went to. Held in an alleyway, it was a lot better organised than I had originally anticipated. The clubs and bars that backed onto the alleyway were part of the festival as well, so everyone could use the back entrance to go and get food or drink etc. Best bands in my humble opinion were The Sleepy Jackson, Archie Bronson Outfit and Camera Obscura. A Swedish band called Love Is All were good too.

I was going to add a few pictures of Phil's head being shaved but the computer is being a bit slow, so I'll just finish with the picture of the best named road in the world. If you can't think of a good name for a lane, just name it after your favourite band...

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