Monday, 4 December 2006

Fook Hing Coffin Shop

The most exciting sign in the world

The "black hole"

Nick's let himself go a bit

Hello hello, roll up roll up and gather round. Today I am feeling quite lazy after spending today lounging on a Perth beach so I shall round up our Kuala Lumpur adventures by largely copying out of my journal. Also, the computer I am using seems to have no usb socket for pictures so you'll just have to wait, if the anticipation doesn't kill you...

Thursday 30th November
In between the Petronas Towers there is a shopping mall that we walked through. I hate the way that shopping malls are so bland that if you've been in one, you've been in them all. There we were, in the centre of Kuala Lumpur and not one sign, not one hint of cultural diversity to suggest that i'm not strolling through any old English shopping complex. Grrr.

Nick's ladyboy-ometer: 4

Racking up the kilometres, walking an average of about 10 a day!!! That's like proper exercise.

Sat 2nd December
Yesterday we saw the planetarium, whihc was pretty damn good as it goes, especially 'Threats from Space', a film which was a bizarre concoction of lasers and documentary style info-tainment. We also had a look at the Orchid Gardens on the way past but they weren't manly enough for us so we took our leave.

Later, after walking past the Fook Hing Coffin Shop, we went to the press launch of a Busking festival, tied in with the KL Year End Sale. It featured the worst speech ever by the deputy minister for tourism and the whole thing was laughably bad. And almost all spoken in English which we found odd as the audience was vastly Malaysian. Why does everyone make such an effort to speak our language when we make so little effor to speak theirs?

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