Thursday, 15 February 2007

Late-night penguin hunting

Childish? Maybe. Funny? Certainly.

Rahzel: The Godfather of Noise. Simultaneously beatboxed SexyBack and sang like Justin Timberlake. Impressive.

Snoop Dogg. Not a particularly good picture but you get the message: I saw the D O double G.

Let's just call this a drinking game forfeit. Thankfully that's not me on the receiving end

A penguin at around 3am

Right, what have we been up to lately?

Hip-hop has been the way recently, that's what all the best stuff was at the Good Vibrations festival I went to. In a nutshell: Razhel was great, as were Jurassic 5. The Beastie Boys were disappointing, bordering on shite. This was pretty much the general consensus of everyone. Best of all though, Snoop Dogg. Surprisingly, I actually knew more of his songs than I thought, most of which include the word 'pimp' or 'biatch' and lots of rude swear words which I shall not sully my blog with. I hope he doesn't kiss his mother with that mouth.

In true bling style he even had a chrome plated microphone, no normal black mic for Snoop, oh no. There were rumours that he would turn up with an entourage that would rival the army of a small country but as far as I could tell it only took about 6 massive guys to escort him on and off stage. Minimal really for a rapper I imagine.

A first for me last night was leaving a club in order to go hunting for penguins. St Kilda, the place we're staying in, has a pier and I was told that in the early hours of the morning there are penguins roaming about. So, after a couple of cheeky drinks in a club we left sometime around 2 or 3 (OK, I'm a little hazy on the details) and wandered down to the pier on a late night wildlife expedition. Don't think I've ever done that after leaving the Rhino back home before.

Notice above, we struck penguin gold. Despite some really loud Dutch guys nearly scaring away all penguins within a mile radius. Climbing around big rocks, trying to take pictures of penguins at 3am takes guile and stealth, not a group of Dutch shouting out to the penguins to come and say hello.

Now approaching the 3 months of being away milestone, we have been trying to get jobs recently, in order to fund our nomadic lifestyle. Easier said than done. In England, I think I've had a total of about 6 different jobs. Tomorrow I have a trial at a cafe/bar. This will be my fourth different job in about 2 weeks. If I don't manage to start saving some money soon I might sell a kidney or a lung or something.

On a completely different subject, are we missing any great cultural fads back home? If we are it will probably catch on here in about 2-3 months, I think that's the general lag in stuff like films and music making it over here. Which did mean that when we first got here, we had a second run of whatever crap pop songs were always playing when we left England.

Not one to miss out on anything for free, I'm going to finish this post now to make sure I get back to the hostel in time for some free BBQ food. There'll be fellow cheapskate backpackers swarming around the BBQ like moths to a lamp by now, lured by the smell of free hotdogs.

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