Saturday, 12 May 2007

Nick finally gets herpes

Australia wouldn't have been complete without it really

Every now and then Nick got a bit delirious, he might have just thought this was another fun ride at Movieworld on the Gold Coast.

Ok, firstly this blog might not come out right because everything is in Japanese and I am going on memory as to what each button does.

Either way, we've finished Australia with what some might call a logical conclusion after just over a month of partying our way up the East coast. From the pictures you will see Nick ended up in hospital! Unfortunately it wasn't herpes as the title may have led you to believe, that would have been much too funny.

Instead, it was a rather powerful case of food poisoning that meant Nick hurling up just about everything in his body and a midnight trip to Darwin A&E. We have decided that it was probably some dodgy bread that we requisitioned from our trip to Ayers Rock as shortly after eating some of it and noticing that it tasted a bit odd, Nick then spotted some yellow mould on the next few slices. The wise man say: Only thing worse than finding a worm in your apple is finding half a worm.

As we waited in the reception of our hostel with Nick slumped on the floor most people naturally assumed he'd had one too many, I put them right the first couple of times but after that it seemed easier to let them look at him disdainfully. He doesn't remember much of this anyway.
So, after a course of drip treatment and all kinds of injections, Nick was discharged at about 7.30am and given a bus ticket by a helpful German doctor and is now on the road to recovery with a week's worth of antibiotics.

So, the lesson here is not to take inappropriate pictures at Uluru or you will get the Aborigine curse. So far all that's happened to me is I lost some deodorant, which is mildly irritating but not worthy of hospitalisation. We didn't even climb the rock, who knows what would have happened if we had. (They strongly advise you not to as it is sacred to the indigenous people and so deemed disrespectful. Yet at the same time a handrail is provided to anyone who does want to. Hypocrites). We might have sprouted feathers or contracted leprosy I guess.

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