Thursday, 31 May 2007

Scones, Cream Tea and Monkeys

"Tea and scones old chap? Splendid idea old fruit. All rather civilised what what?"

"My God Cecil, there seems to be a lot of monkeys in those trees, I'll fetch my rifle"

Perenthian Islands, Malaysia. Pulau Kecil.

Sweets with a comical name. Always a classic.

Sunset on Ko Pha Ngan

Why does cross dressing come so naturally to us these days? Lesser men would be worried.

Feeling self satisfied about having not been ill so far is always a dangerous game to play. You're just tempting fate, almost willing it to try and make a dent on your health. Well, that is the foolish game I played and have been rightly repayed with an infection of the intestines, how's that for a good smiting? A bit over the top if you ask me but then maybe it's my dose of the Aborigine curse as well.

Anyway, as you see from the top photo we've been living the high life, like all good Englishmen (and Canadian ladies) should. Ridiculously over-priced tea and scones at the top of a hill over looking Penang, just like the "good" old days when the colonial rulers would sit high above all the peasants below and wonder which plot of land to buy next. Splendid.

The reason we donned ladies clothes (again) was that we are now on Ko Pha Ngan in Thailand and while we were at the beach yesterday were told of a cross dressing pool party. Possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity, and a good excuse to make tits of ourselves, how could we say no? Although, when we got there, there was in fact hardly anyone at the party or it was closed or something. Either way we carried on to Haad Rin, the party beach and turned up as a group of about 12 male and female transvestites, greeted by the stares of lots of those stern traditionalists who choose to dress in clothes of their own sex.

Right, that's your lot for now, I need to finish on t'internet, I've been leaking money the last couple of days like a rusty bucket. With lots of holes in. Which leaves me no time to shed light on some of the disgraceful stories of events that have occurred over the past week, but hey maybe one day you can buy me a pint and I'll keep you entertained with stories of other people's alcohol induced misfortune...

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