Thursday, 10 May 2007

The Red Centre

The Olgas. Also called Kata Tjuta. Look a bit like a scene out of Jurassic Park.

Team Uluru

Kings Canyon

Uluru (Ayers Rock) Sunrise. Mmm pretty

The sky is on fire. Possibly one of the best pictures I've taken so far, if I do say so myself

That's about how far away we are at the moment.

There's no need for such inappropriate behaviour at The Olgas...

...Or at Uluru but we can't help it. Just for this photo we're going to be cursed by Aborigines for 10 years.

Striking a manly pose

Sauce, our guide. See those shorts? They're the kind of short shorts that real men wear

So, not long left in Australia now, this will possibly even be the last Aussie blog. Coming at you direct from Alice Springs, the middle of Australia, we are soon to be making our way out of here, on to Singapore this Sunday night.

You may have noticed we have finished Australia on something of a mad flourish of activity, up the East Coast, into the centre and the flying out of Darwin, the Northernmost city. It's been a lot of fun this past month or so, definitely worth the pounding my credit card has taken.

The last few days we have been on a camping trip to Uluru, aka Ayers Rock, slap in the middle of Australia. When we first got to Australia we always said we were going to see the big red rock but we never actually did anything that could be called 'planning'. Such lack of organisation (Also called 'blagging' and 'winging it') have been a recurrent feature of our trip so far. Most of the time this has worked out fine, down to sheer dumb luck as much as anything, I imagine. The last few weeks we've actually had to book things such as Fraser Island and the Whitsundays and we don't like it. Not having any concrete plans is the way forward, and the way we intend to spend a good few months in S.E Asia. So, we jammed in a last minute trip to the outback, the centre of Australia, where the nearest beach is about 1500km in any direction.

I'm not sure what there is to say about Kings Canyon, The Olgas and Uluru other than attempting to describe the once-in-a-lifetime views that you get. I could slip in a mention of the fact that we went on some pretty big walks, at least 8km each day. Normally such a distance would seem excessive and make a fop such as myself catch a bus instead. But walking through the Olgas, also called the Valley of the Winds you don't notice the walk because of the scenery and other-worldliness of it all.

I've even become acclimatised to getting up pre- 6am, I'm not saying I like it but to get up for some stunning sunrises it has been necessary. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not, ever, a mornings person. But what's even worse than early mornings is early morning people, the kind who will spring out of bed when it's still dark outside and whistle a merry tune with the happy knowledge that today's another glorious day. They are what is known as bastards.

Anyway, can't wait to get to Asia partly because there's lots of new countries to explore and partly because it means we'll be rich again. No more bargain hunting in supermarkets for us, we can eat like kings again, like we did when we were in Malaysia all those months ago. And in Singapore on Tuesday we double our numbers with the arrival of Tom Waterman, our mate from college and Laura, a Canadian girl we have taken pity on along the way and enlisted to do all our cleaning for us. She doesn't know this yet but she'll be fine with it, girls love all that cooking and cleaning stuff...

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