Thursday, 10 May 2007


Reminds me of the views over the Solent. Honest.

How many shades of blue can you see there? Have a good look...

I think this is called a Goanna. Either way, big lizard thing also sums it up

This would be a picture of a turtle if it hadn't ducked back under the water. It's ok, I saw a couple up close when I was scuba diving so they were a bit 'last weeks news' by this time anyway

Whitsunday Sunset. Maybe I should stop taking pictures of sunsets but they always look so good. Especially from a yacht off the coast of Australia.

Even the moon looks good

This has nothing to do with the Whitsundays, it's just for the comedy value.

Been a bit behind on my blogging recently, not because I have been getting to the internet any less but because we've been cramming so much in since we left Melbourne. I'll get some pictures of the Whitsunday Islands up soon, can't at the moment but when I do you'll probably hate us anyway. Leppard has already threatened to beat the smug smile off Nick's face when we get back so we'd better watch our back for any menacing looking eco-wenches.

We spent 3 days and 2 nights sailing round the Whitsundays on a yacht called Summertime, about a week and a half ago, so technically this blog should come before the red centre one. Our boat was captained by a guy named Chris and 'first mate-d' by a Kiwi called Harry who told us an impressive number of obscene, offensive and utterly immoral jokes. E.g.
"How many babies does it take to paint a wall?
Depends how hard you throw them".
That is one I could put in my blog and not cause people to never read it again.

I scuba dived a couple of times, making me think that I might do a scuba course in Thailand. We were diving on the outer fringes of the Great Barrier Reef, a better place to dive than the main reef apparently because of the higher variation of coral/fish there. Saw some pretty massive turtles while we were down there and I also held a 'sea-cucumber' a slimy cucumber-esque thing which is apparently a delicacy in Japan. As well as scuba-diving there was a bit of snorkeling and some sea kayaking, all in all beating the hell out of working.

Another tropical beach here, another completely unique and jaw-dropping view there, this backpacking is a real struggle against the constant obstacles life throws at you sometimes.

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